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Bilah’s Story (iCan Crawler – Therapeutic Crawling Device)


Learning to crawl properly prior to walking is an important part of early childhood physiological development. However, several developmental disabilities can inhibit this process, including Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, and various physical abnormalities. Many therapeutic crawling devices exist to aid physical therapists and caregivers in assisting these children during therapy. However, the current devices are very expensive, large in size, and awkward to use.


MedSpark took the genius of our client, a Physical Therapist, and created a design that overcomes all of the major deficiencies found in the competitor’s products. The extremely strong, yet lightweight aircraft aluminum frame quickly and easily collapses and deploys in a matter of seconds. A comfortable harness securely supports the child beneath the frame with an adjustable attachment point that provides the ability to variably bias weight to the arms or legs depending on the child’s specific needs. Initial clinical testing with several independent therapists has yielded impressive results.


The device is making it’s first public appearance at the APTA 2013 Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 26th through 29th. It is currently available for evaluation by select clinicians and possible licensure to qualified investors.


Patents Pending.