Make a Difference

Prototype Machinist

MedSpark, a San Luis Obispo based biomedical engineering company, is currently seeking a part-time/contract highly-skilled machinist to produce device prototypes. MedSpark improves the quality of people’s lives through collaboration with medical professionals to bring their product ideas to life.

The variable quantity of work and times available to perform said work would be ideal for a CNC machinist who has existing employment, and who wishes to earn some additional money on the side. Work hours and days are extremely flexible, based on need and your availability.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Fabricate Prototypes from a Wide Range of Materials.
  • Understand Complex Manufacturing Drawings, Tolerance Stack-Ups, GD&T, and Written/Oral Communication.
  • Independently Program, Setup, and Operate CNC Mill (3 and 4-axis), CNC Lathe, and 5-Axis Wire EDM.
  • Anticipate and Solve Potential Tooling and Design Issues to Improve Manufacturability and Efficiency.
  • Research, Identify, and Select Materials, Tooling, Cutters, Components, and Assembly/Fabrication Processes.
  • Maintain Cleanliness of Machines and Work Areas.
  • Part Inspection (Calipers, Micrometers, Optical Comparator, CMM, etc.)

Required Proficiency, Experience, and Knowledge:

  • Minimum 5-Years’ Experience:
    – CNC Programming
    – CNC Machining (Lathe, Vertical Mill, and Wire EDM).
    – Machine Setup and Fixturing.
    – Conventional Machining (Lathe and Vertical Mill).
    – Part Inspection
  • Outstanding Problem Solving and Organizational skills.
  • Detail Orientated, Precise and Accurate.
  • Strong Initiative with Ability to Independently Develop and Execute Complicated Manufacturing Plans.
  • Excellent Mechanical Aptitude.
  • Ability to Setup, Machine, and Inspect Tight Tolerances (up to +/- 0.0001″)

Preferred Proficiency, Experience, and Knowledge:

  • 10+ Years’ Experience in the Field.
  • CAD Software (e.g. SolidWorks, ProE, Catia, etc.)
  • Machine Maintenance and Repair.
  • Highly Experienced Programming for Lathe, Mill, and Wire-EDM.
  • Design of Fixtures and Tooling for Various Manufacturing Processes (e.g. Machining, Welding, Injection Molding, Compression Molding, Vacuum Forming, etc.)
  • Operation of Various Manufacturing Equipment (Injection Molding, Compression Molding, Vacuum forming, TIG Welding, Oven Heat Treating, 3D Laser Scanner).
  • Experience with Milltronics Centurion CNC (Lathe and Mill), Charmilles Robofil Wire EDM, Chmer EDM Hole Popper, and 4/5-Axis Milling.
  • Properly Tolerancing, Machining, and Assembling Shrink Fits (Oven/Liquid Nitrogen).

How to Apply:

  • Provide a detailed resume and references.
  • Candidates who provide a detailed visual portfolio of previous machining/manufacturing projects will be considered first
  • PDF file format is preferred for all submitted documents.
  • Please submit all documents to