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Electronics Engineer

MedSpark, a San Luis Obispo based biomedical engineering company, is currently seeking a talented part-time/contract electronics engineer to assist in the development of new device designs. MedSpark improves the quality of people’s lives through collaboration with medical professionals to bring their product ideas to life.

You will be part of a small and nimble team that uses software and hardware prototyping methodologies to prove-out designs that make an impact on the world of medicine. Your primary role is driving conceptualization and prototyping of new product concepts, focused on inventive uses of new and existing technologies that open up entirely new product concepts. Work hours are flexible, based on need and your availability: anytime from 9am thru midnight, 7-days a week.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Must be Highly Creative and Thrive in an ‘Outside-The-Box’ Environment.
  • Independently Develop and Execute Electronics Development Plans.
  • Design High-Density, Multi-Layer PCB Layouts.
  • Select and Integrate Proper Components.
  • Build Prototypes (Soldering, Rework, Reflow, etc.)
  • Test Electronic Systems to Ensure Specifications Are Met or Exceeded (Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Multimeter, etc.)
  • Participate on Cross-Functional Teams to Develop New Innovative Product Ideas.

Required Proficiency, Experience, and Knowledge:

  • Minimum 1-Year’s Experience:
    – Development Boards (Arduino, oDroid, Raspberry, Beagle, etc.)
    – Circuit Design (Eagle, OrCAD, Altium, PowerPCB, etc.)
    – Programming (C/C++, Python, Java/Android, etc.)
    – Wireless Communication (Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, etc.)
    – Test and Prototyping Equipment (Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Multimeter, Soldering, Reflow Oven)
  • Outstanding Problem Solving and Organizational skills.
  • Strong Initiative with Ability to Independently Develop and Execute Complicated Development Plans.
  • Desire and Capacity to Dive Deep on New Technologies as Required.

Preferred Proficiency, Experience, and Knowledge:

  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (BSEE), computer engineering (BSCE), Industrial Technology, and/or Equivalent Experience.
  • Gaining Regulatory Approvals (FDA, UL, etc.)
  • CAD Software (e.g. SolidWorks, ProE, Catia, etc.)
  • Development of Power Regulation and Battery Charging Systems.
  • Creating Extremely Energy Efficient Systems.
  • Capacitive Sensing Implementation.
  • Graphical Display and Touch-Screen Integration.
  • Development of Integrated Circuits.

How to Apply:

  • Provide a detailed resume and references.
  • Candidates who provide a detailed visual portfolio of electronics projects will be considered first
  • Feel free to reach way back and tell us what you were doing when you were in 6th Grade — we’re interested!
  • PDF file format is preferred for all submitted documents.
  • Please submit all documents to